„FRESH & GLOW“ Start-up Treatment

Ideal bdr starter treatment with an immediate perfect skin effect.

• instant visible results of spontaneous vitality and freshness

• visibly smooths, moisturizes and softens irritated and chapped skin


„BASIC & SENSITIVE“ Derma Treatment

Particularly suitable for very delicate, sensitive, irritated, stressed and allergy-prone skin.
• soothes and nourishes very sensitive skin
• effectively reduces irritation and redness with a long lasting effect
• visibly smooths, moisturizes and softens irritated and chapped skin
• strengthens skin resistance and stimulates the immune system


„CLEAR & FRESH“ Corrective Treatment

Restorative treatment for oily, blemish and problem proned skin.
• inhibits the production of acne bacteria
• sebum-regulating, matting and anti-inflammatory
• soothes, calms and clarifies
• fine-pored, smooth and fresh skin care results


„CELL REPAIR“ Protective Treatment

Visibly rejuvenates and renews dull, fatigued and sun-damaged skin. Energizing active ingredients repairs & protects.
• repairs the epidermal barrier function
• activates skin regeneration
• stimulates cell metabolism and microcirculation
• facial contours appear lifted and toned
• long lasting effects


“AGE CONTROL” Superior Treatment

Treatment designed to return a fresh youthfulness to challenged skin
• visibly smooth, even and toned looking skin
• reactivates all skin functions with a long-term effect of several days
• visible skin rejuvenation, improvement of skin quality
• ideally suited to optimize pre- & post surgery results
• luminous skin with a new, fresh and youthful radiance


“FOCUS” Special Treatment

“Focus” is devoted to the nourishing care of the eyes, lips, forehead and décolleté.
• effectively minimizes wrinkles
• visibly soothes challenged skin
• combats symptoms of fatigued and stressed skin
• significantly smoothes lip wrinkles
• delays or prevents botox or hyaluronic acid filler injections


Power Dynamic Treatment “FOR MEN ONLY“

Powerful intensive treatment for modern, dynamic, successful and well-groomed men.
• invigorating treatment for a fresh impression
• vitalizing boost of energy
• minimizes enlarged pores
• “workout” massage for athletic facial contours
• “wrinkle killer” for a firm outlook


  • The bdr dermaceuticals actively working to reactivate the skin’s own moisture depots rather than simply supplementing externally, or even just temporarily.
  • Dermaceuticals are so much more than cosmetics. bdr time travel product line takes all skin care needs into consideration.
  • Highly effective dermaceutical substances pleasantly introduced through microchannels.
  • The bdr dermaceuticals focus on highly concentrated active ingredients no artificial fragrances.
  • The secret of bdr Dermaceuticals is turning back time on your skin. Challenge your skin to a duel – against the signs of the times!

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